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Why did you create a soap factory?

Marie was in charge of communication in an association for the environment before becoming a master soap maker . In parallel with her activity, she took advantage of her free time to make soaps for herself and her loved ones. After careful consideration, with a Master Soapmaker diploma in hand, and with the desire to revitalize her favorite village, Pierrefonds , she decided to create La Savonnerie de Pierrefonds .

Why did you choose Pierrefonds?

Marie has been based in Pierrefonds since 2012. This small village in the Oise , a former spa resort , is mainly known for its castle , restored by the architect Viollet-le-Duc and renowned today internationally.

Every year, tens of thousands of visitors flock to see this remarkable heritage . But finding that there were few craftsmen to meet the needs of tourists, Marie saw the opportunity to set up her shop there, close to the castle , so that they could leave with a local souvenir. Our master soap maker wishes above all to contribute to the economic life of Pierrefonds and its attractiveness .

What are your values ​​and commitments?

We are committed to offering exceptional , high-quality products that respect health and the environment . We advocate:

  • Excellence
  • Zero waste : compostable boxes, reusable bottles, materials that can be recycled for life.
  • The preservation of health : zero controversial products, total transparency, honest cosmetics
  • The preservation of the planet
  • Craftsmanship (by hand)

Are you labelled?

Yes, we have the Slow Cosmétique label which is based on 4 pillars :

  • Ecological : no pollution, no toxicity, natural ingredients, short cycles, local...
  • Healthy : respect for life, precautionary principle (controversial substances)
  • Reasonable : realistic promises, zero greenwashing, fair price
  • Intelligent : real needs of the skin, consume less but better

Thanks to this label, consumers know that our brand offers products with clean formulas and reasonable marketing .

What about the manufacture of your products?

Our products are respectful of your health and the environment . The formulations are minimalist to avoid the presence of preservatives and endocrine disruptors.

The raw materials used are natural and mostly from organic farming , as are the dyes (clays and plants). For the fragrances , we have selected natural olfactory compositions by working with an artisan perfumer from the south of France.

All of our scented waters are made from organic wheat alcohol and all-natural fragrances .

Our deodorants are made from organic wheat alcohol and glycerin .

Our scented candles are made from French rapeseed wax , by craftsmanship and poured by hand. The perfumes used are French, without CMR and without phthalates .

Our 100% cotton kitchen towels are Oeko-Tex certified and screen-printed by hand in France. The models are created and designed by Savonnerie de Pierrefonds.

Where to find us ?

Our physical store is located a stone's throw from the Château de Pierrefonds , at 1 rue Courtil Maine . We welcome you from Wednesday to Sunday from 10:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. except in January and February (open Friday and Saturday only). You can come and pick up your orders during these hours.

You can also find our products in our various points of sale .