Our personalized soaps

Are you looking for a quality personalized object? Would you like useful guest gifts? Do you want to offer your customers goodies in line with your values? Do you want something more original than dragees for your wedding ?
You are the owner of bed and breakfast, hotel and you want to highlight your territory? Do you want to offer derived hospitality products made in France? Do you want to surprise and please? You are in the right place !


Step 1 : choose your soaps and options

All the soaps in the catalog can be personalized and are available in 3 formats: 25g - 50g - 100g.
You can choose a single type or a mix, according to your desires.

Step 2 : Take it at the right time

It takes 3 months between order and delivery if you want a single type of soap and 4 months if you want a mix.
Here is the timing we recommend:

  • 4 months before the date: contact, choice of soaps, format and quantity + creation of the personalized stamp.
  • 3 months before the date: receipt of the stamp and start of production.
  • 2 months before the date: the soaps are produced and begin their curing period (drying and stabilization of the pH).
  • 15 days before the date: the soaps are ready to be collected from the soap factory.

To find out more, download the "Guide to customizing your soaps" .

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